One Tentacled Monster

2007-08-28 22:22:17 by Zorg-o

Hey guys, i made a short at least a month ago and i think it's worthy of submitting to newgrounds. It was made within about 2 hours and is short short but i like it so check it out yo.


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2007-08-28 22:24:22

I saw your short bro, i thought it was pretty cool. I definately should have been longer tho.

Zorg-o responds:

yeah, theres no excuse for it's length, i got that on other sites too.

and glad you liked it :]


2007-09-22 21:01:32

I looked at your comment on the front page then picked your name. Ok now im at your page then i saw your one and only flash so i picked it. It was ok for a first but if you ever make more please be sure to make it longer. A little beter would be cool to........... just kidding do your best man.